Buttercream Garden Rose Tutorial

Buttercream Garden Rose Tutorial

Our hotly-anticipated July Buttercream issue is finally here and to celebrate, we have a little taste of what’s in store with this fabulous buttercream garden rose tutorial from our issue contributor Bam Piencenaves.


Piping bag 


Piping tip #104

Flower lifter 

Flower nail 

Red buttercream (Italian meringue buttercream) 

Using a tip number 104, pipe a base of red buttercream on your flower nail.  Angle the top of the piping tip at the 9:00 pm position and pipe the base while rotating the flower nail clockwise.

Bam notes: this will give you a round flat base. 

Pipe a “cage” around the base by piping with the tip in an upright position (thin side of the tip up).

Bam notes: Piping a base will ensure your petals will not droop later as you pipe it.

Next, you will begin the rose by piping petals on top of a buttercream base.  Position the piping bag fitted with a tip number 104 (this side up) on an upright position.  Pipe the petals by pressing the piping bag with even, medium pressure,  forming a rainbow.  You have to make sure you overlap petals.   

Continue piping more petals, overlapping with the previous petals until it is big enough to cover a number 7 flower nail. 

When the flower is complete. Position your flower lifter to form a letter “V” and insert underneath the base of the buttercream.  Twist the flower nail to release the base while sliding the flower off the nail. 



Bam Piencenaves

Bam Soliman Piencenaves is a cake artist based in Quezon City, Philippines.  She has extensive corporate experience in the field of business process outsourcing but has found her passion making cakes.  She specializes in making floral buttercream cakes and is considered as one of the premiere floral cake stylists in the Philippines.  She owns her own studio in the Philippines making cakes and also teaching her craft.  She is the founder of Bake Happy Manila, considered as one of the biggest baking focused groups in the Philippines. 


Facebook:  Custom Cakes by Bam 

Instagram:  Custom Cakes by Bam 

Website:  www.customcakesbybam 

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