Month: October 2019

Gingerbread for Building

Some like snap, others like chewy, but when it comes to building with gingerbread dough, everyone will agree it needs to be strong—and spicy! GINGERBREAD ¼ cup (56g) soft brown sugar 2...

Whimsical Tree Bark Tutorial

Tree Bark Mold Fondant Sculpting Tools Xacto Blade / Blade Edible Food Color Alcohol Paint Brushes Clean Makeup Sponge Gloves Roll out your fondant to a desired thickness to ensure you capture...

Stenciling Tutorial

Stencil Powder Dust & Edible Paints Paint Brushes Non Slip Matt Vodka or Lemon Extract (Optional) Royal Icing Optional Fondant Foam Pad (Optional) Straight Pins Once your cake is covered in fondant...

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