Month: October 2019

Laurie’s Fresh Pumpkin Pie Recipe

The holidays are a special time for family and friends to gather to enjoy time sharing cherished memories and created new ones. It’s also a time for the older generation of bakers...

Gingerbread for Building

Some like snap, others like chewy, but when it comes to building with gingerbread dough, everyone will agree it needs to be strong—and spicy! GINGERBREAD ¼ cup (56g) soft brown sugar 2...

Whimsical Tree Bark Tutorial

Tree Bark Mold Fondant Sculpting Tools Xacto Blade / Blade Edible Food Color Alcohol Paint Brushes Clean Makeup Sponge Gloves Roll out your fondant to a desired thickness to ensure you capture...

Stenciling Tutorial

Stencil Powder Dust & Edible Paints Paint Brushes Non Slip Matt Vodka or Lemon Extract (Optional) Royal Icing Optional Fondant Foam Pad (Optional) Straight Pins Once your cake is covered in fondant...

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