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Chocolate Crystals Tutorial

Chocolate Crystals Tutorial

Learn to create beautiful, edible chocolate crystals with this easy-peasy, step-by-step chocolate crystal tutorial from Marta Pitzalis. "These crystals are very easy, anyone could make them," notes Marta." These crystals would make...

ACD+ Kara's Buche de Noel Recipe

ACD+ Kara’s Buche de Noel Recipe

Our resident Cakeologist, Kara Andretta fuses the old with the new in this exciting re-vamp of a holiday classic. Her Mayan infused Buche de Noel is sure to bring something extra to...

Giveaway: 25 Years of American Cake Decorating Magazine

They say time flies when you're having fun, well we must have been having a blast here at ACD because we're about to celebrate 25 years of the magazine. That's 25 incredible years of...

ACD+ Laura Dodimead’s Stenciling Tutorial

In our Modeling Marvels issue, Award-winning sugar artist, Laura Dodimead shows our readers how to create a gorgeous Arabian Dancer figurine cake topper. We share her equally gorgeous tutorial for creating an...

ACD+ Basil Italian Meringue Buttercream

Standing out from the crowd can be difficult, what can your business bring to the table that will put you above the competition? How about offering bold, premium flavor choices that will...

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