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Chocolate Crystals Tutorial

Chocolate Crystals Tutorial

Learn to create beautiful, edible chocolate crystals with this easy-peasy, step-by-step chocolate crystal tutorial from Marta Pitzalis. "These crystals are very easy, anyone could make them," notes Marta." These crystals would make...

ACD+ Kara’s Gourmet Blueberry Fondant Recipe

Kara Andretta of Karas Couture Cakes brings us, Gourmet Fondant. These decadent fondant recipe's, packed with natural ingredients, will be sure to take your cakes to the next level. With signature recipes...

Buttercream Borders Tutorial

Wendy Begy of Edible Art by Wendy Lynn shares a wonderful step-by-step tutorial to create this Lambeth inspired buttercream cake. To see more images of Wendy's cake, make sure you pick up...

Aquamarine Cake Tutorial

Adela Calvo of Delicut cakes created a stunning gemstone inspired cake for our Birthstone Collaboration feature. She shares an incredible, step-by-step tutorial of her aquamarine inspired design. (more…)

ACD+ James Rosselle Project: The Right of Spring

Award winning sugar artist, Eliana Morales, shows us some unique ways to make floral applications with a simple cutter set from the James Rosselle Product line. (more…)