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Thanksgiving Cornucopia Focaccia

Thanksgiving Cornucopia by Teresa Culletto This attractive focaccia filled with colorful vegetables and flowers will complement any fall feast. Ingredients 1 recipe for Basic White Focaccia or Basic Whole Wheat Focaccia 3...

Brandied Fruit

Brandied Fruit By Scott Bradshaw Today, we’re going to embark on an eight-week journey of fermentation, patience, and a whole lot of sass. We’re turning brandy, yeast, and canned fruit into a...

The Amazing Amaryllis

The Amazing Amaryllis by Veronica Seta This gorgeous bloom symbolizes love and beauty—and we can certainly see why! Learn the accompanying bud to add a realistic touch to your floral arrangement. Edibles:...

Ingredients to Make Butter Cake Uniquely Yours

Ingredients to Make Butter Cake Uniquely Yours By Grace Wattikan Butter cake is a popular choice for dessert because it is simple and so very versatile. You can do so much when...

Strawberry Ganache Drip

Strawberry Ganache Drip

Strawberry Ganache Drip By Jessica Phan Ingredients 8 ounces white chocolate 2 ounces heavy whipping cream 1 tablespoon strawberry flavoring Pink food color (optional) Instructions 1. Combine the white chocolate and heavy...

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