The Amazing Amaryllis

The Amazing Amaryllis

by Veronica Seta

This gorgeous bloom symbolizes love and beauty—and we can certainly see why! Learn the accompanying bud to add a realistic touch to your floral arrangement.


Vegetable shortening
Light green gum paste (Satin Ice)
Edible glue
Petal dust: foliage green, autumn gold, and ruby


20-gauge floral wire (Hamilworth)
Green floral tape (Hamilworth)
Paintbrushes (Cerart)
Size guide (Flower Pro Collection by Katy Sue Designs)
Lily mold and veiner (Flower Pro Collection by Katy Sue Designs)

Form the Bud

  1. Cut a 20-gauge floral wire in half and bend an open hook on 1 end. Using green floral tape, wrap the end of the hook and continue down the wire.
  2. Brush the medium cavity of the bud on the lily mold with vegetable shortening. Roll 2 pieces of light green gum paste the size of #11 on the size guide into sausage shapes, then press them into the mold. Smooth to make sure the top is flat.
  3. Brush edible glue onto the wire and insert it into 1 of the bud halves. Repeat with the other bud and glue them together. Smooth the seams and leave it to dry.
  4. Add 2 additional 20-gauge floral wires at the base of the bud and tape 3 times. Dust the base with a mixture of foliage green and autumn yellow petal dust, then in stripes toward the top of it. Dust the top and toward the center with ruby petal dust.
  5. Bend the bud down toward the wire. Roll a #6 ball of light green gum paste into a sausage and roll it around the base of the bud. Attach it with edible glue. Allow it to dry a little, then dust it with a mixture of foliage green and autumn yellow petal dust.

Want to learn more? Find the entire amaryllis tutorial in the July/August issue of ACD.

Veronica Seta

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