Tag: Design Details

JulAug Issue – Showcase Spotlight: Brittny Miller

Brittny Miller's steam punk-inspired cake was featured in our 2016 July/August Painted Cakes issue. Read on for more details about her hand painted creation.  (more…)

JulAug Issue – Showcase Spotlight: M. Cassandra Fairbanks

For the 2016 That Takes the Cake show in Austin, Cassandra Fairbanks recreated Gustav Klimt's iconic painting, "The Kiss." She shared the backstory to her incredible creation here. (more…)

June Issue – Showcase Spotlight: Veronica Seta

Veronica Seta entered the Milan Cake Festival with this romantic wedding cake. Read on for more about her competition experience as well as a closer look at her beautiful cake. (more…)

June Issue – Showcase Spotlight: Llama de Amour

Eliana Morales took first place in the Wedding Cake category at the Société Culinaire Philanthropique's 147th Salon of Culinary Art in New York City. (more…)

Cover Closeup: Rose Atwater

We had SO many lovely cakes to choose from, but Rose Atwater's ethereal red creation was the hands-down favorite for the cover of our March/April issue.   (more…)