Tag: Painted Cakes

A Painted Panorama

Painted Cakes are one of the year's hottest trends and here at ACD, we can't get enough of them. These glorious panoramas showcase the incredible artistic talents of our community and are...

Painting like a Pro

Laura Dodimead of Cakey Bakes Cakes  brings us our Cake of the Day.  This glorious hand-painted design features butterflies and flowers in a rainbow of colors. We talked to Laura to discover...

Highlights from the July/August Issue

Our July/August issue delves deep into one of the biggest trends in decorating-- painted cakes. (more…)

JulAug Issue – A Plethora of Painted Cakes

Hand painting on cakes opens the door to such a wide variety of techniques, effects and overall moods. (more…)

Purple Posies in Cocoa Butter

Our Painted Cakes issue is just around the corner and we couldn't be more excited! What better way to kick things off than with this beauty by M. Cassandra Fairbanks? (more…)

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