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LeeAnn O, Subscriber 2017

Just love the magazine. There is so much interesting information and tutorials that are extremely helpful.

Terri Scott, Subscriber 2016

Great magazine. Provides so many helpful hints and ideas as well as getting to see all of the beautiful creations. It's like Christmas every time it is in the mailbox.

Garcia DG, Subscriber 2017

Perfect and delicate decoration!! Excellent teachers Instructors full of love for SugarArt and passion

Ruth S, Subscriber 2017

I love this magazine, it's so informative on so many levels. I keep all my issues as well.

Shannon O, ACD Subscriber 2017

It's my favorite magazine to go to for all things sugar art.

Catalina A, Subscriber 2017

I love this cake magazine!! I love and treasure every single issue I have!! And I will subscribe for next year too!

Emilia C, ACD Subscriber 2016

A fabulous magazine to keep you informed about trends and styles, news and events!!!