Month: April 2016

Choosing Tableware and Cake Stands For a Special Occasion

Choosing the right tableware and cake stands for a special occasion is one of the last finishing touches that you should consider when putting together an event. (more…)

I Love Lucy

Danielle Lechuga of Cup'N Cake sent us this fabulous 17.5-inch sculpted Lucille Ball cake. She said, "I have always been a huge fan of 'I Love Lucy,' the elegance and class of that...

June Issue – The Magic of the Force

I couldn't have dreamed up a better way to kick off our new column, "The Story of a Cake," than with Peboryon's incredible levitating cake. (more…)

June Issue – Showcase Extra: Competition Cakes

Thank you to everyone who submitted photos of their competition cakes for our May/June issue showcase. Here are a few more lovelies that we just couldn't squeeze on to our pages... enjoy!...

June Issue – Puss in Boots and the Mancunian Adventure

Competition cakes are extremely impressive in their own right. But perhaps even more impressive is the effort expended to get them to competition! (more…)

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