Choosing Tableware and Cake Stands For a Special Occasion

Choosing the right tableware and cake stands for a special occasion is one of the last finishing touches that you should consider when putting together an event. By Renee Hopkins

Both of these can actually turn a typically mundane and overlooked item into one of the focal points of your entire event. In fact, with each of these items, you can make incredible design statements to compliment your overall event’s theme.

Choosing Tableware

1. Cutlery

The cutlery of your event can be a very important and personal choice. Not only should it feel right in your hand, but it should be both functional and complimentary. When making your selection, establish a balance between both of these things. For a traditional wedding, sterling silver or stainless silver with ornate markings makes for an elegant finishing touch. For a beach themed graduation, consider something off the beaten path like bamboo. For a baby shower, perhaps choose smaller spoons and forks, decorated with trains, ducks or rattles. If budget-friendly is your goal, simple stainless steel is always a good choice, and one that compliments most any décor.

Wooden spoon and fork, knife on grunge wood background

Wooden spoon, fork and knife on grunge wood background

2. Plates and Bowls

The plates for your event are another extremely important item to consider when deciding on your table setting. Find plates that have the right balance between style, shape, and design. There are many ways to use plates to finish your table from creating a cohesive look with one distinct design to adding a little flash to a shabby chic affair with mismatched colors, shapes and sizes. Whether you choose classic china or funky oriental designs, keep size in mind too. Cake placed on a dinner plate is quickly consumed by the large size, and a dinner placed on a dessert plate simply won’t look as appetizing or finish your table setting the way that you want it.

"It's a Boy" blue theme baby shower table. Place setting with heart shape plates on blue table background.

“It’s a Boy” blue theme baby shower table. Place setting with heart shape plates on blue table background.

3. Cake Stand

This might be one of, if not the most, important item to consider when choosing your tableware for a special event. Cake stands show off the cake at your event, making it a focal point and significant part of the décor. Consider first the size of your cake stand. Ideally, it needs to be large enough to accommodate your cake as a whole or in layers. Also consider how you would like to display your cake, as stands come in many varieties including pedestals, plateau and cake plates. You can use one stand or mix several to create an asymmetrical look on your table. Whatever cake stand you choose, remember that its job is to turn your cake into a focal piece, so don’t pick one that distracts too much from the cake and becomes the center of attention itself.

Moroccan table setting at a luxury wedding reception.

Moroccan table setting at a luxury wedding reception.

Choosing tablewear and cake stands for an event doesn’t have to be too difficult. Consider the style of your event, and match your choices to the décor you’re looking to achieve. The end result will be a beautifully displayed table setting that your guests are certain to appreciate and remember for years to come.

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