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5 tips for Competition Success!

5 Tips for Competition Success!

This past weekend, American Cake Decorating had the great pleasure of attending the Cake Bar Show in Long Beach, CA. This fun '80s themed show had over 65 entries into the cake...

Collaboration Feature: Sugar Art Museum

It's been a few months since we did a collaboration feature here at ACD, but now that the holidays are over, collaboration fever has struck the cake community once again. The latest,...

Sugarmyths and Fantasies

Back with their second installment; The award-winning collaboration, Sugarmyths and fantasies showcases another dazzling collection of mythical sugar-art. The collaboration, which was again spearheaded by Amber Adamson of Top Tier Cakes, encourages sugar-artists...

Sugar Spooks are BACK!

Halloween is one of my very favorite holidays of the year. In fact, I've already attended a few parties, dressed up in my spooky finest, and decorated enough pumpkin cookies to feed...

Supernatural Sugarart- Cuties Cake Collaboration

Supernatural super-fan Christina Hagen teamed up with Chloe Allen-Gausden to organize this Supernatural T.V. show inspired cake collaboration. This team of international artists explored their love of the popular show, and the...

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