Supernatural Sugarart- Cuties Cake Collaboration

Supernatural super-fan Christina Hagen teamed up with Chloe Allen-Gausden to organize this Supernatural T.V. show inspired cake collaboration. This team of international artists explored their love of the popular show, and the characters, through the medium of sugar. Discussing the collaboration, organizer, Heather notes, “We are really proud and excited to share with you the latest Cuties Collaboration ‘A Very Supernatural Collaboration’. We created this collaboration as we are all big fans of Supernatural and wanted to celebrate the launch of Season 12. We hope you enjoy our sugar tribute as much as we enjoyed creating the pieces.
Please have a look through our photo albums to get a closer look at the pieces and learn a bit about the artists behind them.”

To see more wonderful sugar creations from the Cuties crew, head on over to their Facebook page.

Cookies by Fondant Wishes

Cookies by Fondant Wishes

Fondant Wishes created this beautiful collection of hand-painted cookies in celebration of the very first season of the show, “My set of cookies represents the very first season. The art was hand-painted on edible wafer paper, and then carefully applied to fondant and set on the cookies. The car’s headlights really do light up, with tiny LED lights in the back.”

Supernatural Cake by Mimi's Sweet Treats

Supernatural Cake by Mimi’s Sweet Treats

In celebration of Season 2, Michelle of Mimi’s Sweet Treats created this stunning tiered creation. Michelle notes, “I chose season 2 because of the fire in the title sequence, which i recreated on my second tier. I chose to represent the over-arching theme of the season, which was Dean and Sam hunting down the Demon with yellow eyes.” We especially love the gravestone details on the covered board.

Supernatural Cookies by Sweet Escapes Cakery

Supernatural Cookies by Sweet Escapes Cakery

Heather of Sweet Escapes Cakery chose season 10 to inspire her cookie creations. Heather really loved “Demon Dean” and chose cookies so that she could represent various aspects of the nail-biting season.

Supernatural themed cake by Sweets and Treats by Christina

Supernatural themed cake by Sweets and Treats by Christina

Collaboration leader Christina of Sweets and Treats by Christina actually created two original creations for the collaboration. We just really love this unusual tiered design- especially the “drippy blood” cake stand. Inspired by the “trials to close the gates of hell” from Season 8 of the show, Christina incorporated the vivid imagery and gruesome themes from the show in her gory creation.


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