Collaboration Feature: Sugar Art Museum

It’s been a few months since we did a collaboration feature here at ACD, but now that the holidays are over, collaboration fever has struck the cake community once again. The latest, Sugar Art Museum, is a fantast display of impressive, fine art inspired sugar-art. The collaboration, which was currated by Bouchra Marir, is truly inspiring. We share some of our favorite pieces from this incredible collection of edible art.


”The Fishman’s daughter” by Bouchra Marir of Sweet Creations Cakes.
“The Fisherman’s Daughter (La Fille du Marin) is a portrait that was originally the maquette for a 6 times life-size sculpture in limestone. I always loved this sculpture and her expression has always impressed me and I wanted to sculpt a portrait with this kind of expression and a marble effect, ” says Bouchra. We love this sculpted piece, the fondant really does give the impression of marble.

Tissì Benvegna
La Torta che Vuoi Tu

Tissi notes, “My inspiration cake from a ‘900 great artist Gustav Klimt, I played two particular of the wonderful works: The Tree of Life and Part of the Beethoven Frieze.” We adore the sculpted figurine and the beautiful antique gold color of the cake.

Trudy Smith
The Chain Lane Cake Co.

“Summer 2017”

“My piece is based on the painting Summer by Giuseppe Arcimboldo (1563).
Summer is part of a series of portraits called Four Seasons where each face is made up of items relevant to that season. Spring is formed by flowers, Summer is fresh fruit and vegetables, Autumn images from the harvest and Winter dry twigs and rocks, ” describes Trudy Smith.
We love her unusual approach to the challenge, this is definitely a piece of edible art.

Julia Marie Reynolds Wilson
Julia Marie Cakes

Julie based her piece on the art of Josephine Wall, whose canvas paintings have always captured me. They all tell a story, being magical and whimsical; I had been trying to find an excuse to make a sugar sculpture inspired by her work for a number of years. “My sculpture is made using rice krispy treats, combined with chocolate ganache, modeling chocolate and fondant. The dress is made to look like flowing water, with water foam and pearls, adding texture with wafer paper feathers. Her entire hair has flowing sugar flowers of all different varieties, adding a final touch of wafer paper butterflies being blowed out from her hand, ” notes Julia.

Marlene Debattista
CakeHeaven by Marlene

“I was inspired by one of my favourite paintings by Vincent Van Gogh, ‘Almond Blossom’,” notes Marlene, “The painting is now displayed at the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam (Vincent van Gogh Foundation). Van Gogh painted this sparkling still life of delicate almond blossom against a clear blue sky for his new-born nephew Vincent Willem, the son of Van Gogh’. We adore the simple use of the bas relief application. The color palette really pops.

Jennifer Jenkins Kennedy
Jenny’s Haute Cakes

“A pleasant burden”

“This sugar art is based on the oil painting “Fardeau Agreable” (A Pleasant Burden), created by French artist William-Adolfe Bouguereau in 1895, ” notes Jennifer. “My version of Bourguereau’s painting is a base relief madewith fondant over modeling chocolate. It is painted using powdered food color, cocoa butter and ganache.”

For more incredible pieces be sure to visit the Facebook page at Sugar Art Museum!

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