A Painted Panorama

Painted Cakes are one of the year’s hottest trends and here at ACD, we can’t get enough of them. These glorious panoramas showcase the incredible artistic talents of our community and are sure to be the star of ANY event. Cake designers everywhere are exploring their artistic tendencies and going brushstroke crazy. From fun and funky, to sweet and elegant; the painted cake turns an everyday dessert into an edible masterpiece. We’ve handpicked some of the best painted cakes of the season; these 10 incredible cakes are sure to inspire. For more design inspirations, recipes and tutorials subscribe to American Cake Decorating magazine.

Painted Wedding Cake by Sweet-Love Cake Couture

This Glorious cake was created by the incredible Nicole of Sweet-Love Cake Couture . Known for her incredible skills in hand-painting and her gloriously realistic sugar flowers this cake hits on all of 2016 key cake trends. We particularly love those sweet little birds!

painted 6

Fall in Paris Cake by Cakes-en-Vogue

This incredible cake was hand-painted by Sherin Rizwan of Cakes en Vogue. Inspired by Paris in the Fall, this stunning cake showcases the iconic Eiffel Tower and the rich history of Paris, in this Autumnal scene. Sherin says, “My Inspiration is to show the warmth of Paris during Fall; the elegant city, fashion and history. Whoever visits Paris always wants to go back there. My idea for the cake was a vintage look with a modern twist”

China Blue by Sweet Temptations - Cakes by Albena

China Blue by Sweet Temptations – Custom Cakes by Albena

This elegant, blue and white, hand-painted cake was created by Albena Petrova of Custom Cakes by Albena; inspired by china patterns, Albena has incorporated the signature blue toille porcelain illustrations into her cake with stunning effect.

Floral Painted Wedding Cake by Cakes by Krishanthi


Krishanthi Armitt of Cakes by Krishanthi combines whimsical wild flowers with modern painted details.  The towering sugar flowers and delicate painted vines give a romantic touch to this stunning wedding cake.

Lavender Mini Cakes by Leslea Matsis Cakes

Displaying her signature vintage style, Leslea Matsis of Leslea Matsis Cakes shows us that small cakes can pack a big punch. These delightful mini cakes with hand-painted roses look too good to eat.

Blossoms from the East by Antonio’s Kitchen

Award winning cake artist and Craftsy instructor Myton Ouono of Antonio’s kitchen showcases his incredible painting skills with this stunning creation. A former fine artist, Myton adds bold hand-painted flowers and delicate details to bring this floral cake to life. We love the juxtaposition of the hard black and gold against the soft florals.

sweet and swanky

Dutch Inspired Cake by Sweet and Swanky Cakes

Blue Floral Cake by Sweet and Swanky Cakes

This delicate design by Sonja McLean of Sweet and Swanky Cakes features hand-painted flowers in shades of royal blue. We love the romantic flowers set against the pure white fondant canvas.

Colorful Painted Cake by Yuma Couture Cakes

Colorful Painted Cake by Yuma Couture Cakes

This playful hand-painted cakes by Jamie Hoffman of Yuma Couture Cakes features bold stylized flowers in a rainbow of colors. Painted with a combination of gel colors and airbrush colors the flowers literally pop off the cake.

Fiery Orange Cake by Have Some Cake by Enrique

Fiery Orange Cake by Have Some Cake by Enrique

We love this modern cake created by Enrique Rojas of Have Some Cake. This tall and sleek silhouette features broad brushstrokes of vibrant orange and red and stylized wafer paper flowers. The unique color combination and sense of movement in the painting creates a feeling of fiery passion and forbidden love.

Impressionist Style Floral Cake by Patricia Arribalzaga - Cakes Haute Couture

Impressionist Style Floral Cake by Patricia Arribalzaga – Cakes Haute Couture

This gorgeously pink cake by Patricia Arribalzaga of Cakes Haute Couture features impressionist style hand-painted flowers and romantic sugar roses. Known for her painted designs Patricia captures the impressionist style beautifully, showcasing her unique eye for detail with this captivating design.




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