Buttercream Garland Tutorial

Buttercream Garland Tutorial

Our July “I Dream of Buttercream” issue is here at last!! This special-edition buttercream issue is packed with 10 incredible buttercream tutorials, recipe secrets, and expert tips! Buttercream artist Deepa Shiva shares a fantastic buttercream flower tutorial for piped jasmine and garlands, to access the full cake tutorial, purchase a single-issue copy!


Filled and frosted 9-inch oval shaped cake

Rotating cake stand

Piping Bag

Piping tips #10, #97, #18


Piping Tips:

Italian Meringue Buttercream

Food Colors: Peach, Green, Delphinium blue

1. Mark an oval on top of the cake with a toothpick, an inch away from the corners.

2. Fitted with Wilton tip 10, fill a piping bag with Delphinium blue buttercream.

3. Keeping the bag at 45°angle, squeeze, press and pull along to make a line, 1/4 inch away from the corners. Pipe 3 more lines alongside the first line in the bottom row.

4. Pipe 3 lines on top of the bottom row of 4 and 2 more lines on top of the 3 to resemble a stack.

5. With a knife or spatula, mark 2 parallel lines in the middle of the stacked lines. Leaving the top and bottom arch, remove the lines piped in between to create a gap.

6. Fitted with Wilton tip 10, fill a piping bag with white uncolored buttercream.

7. Using the piped lines as a guide, hold the piping bag at 45°angle, keep tip close to the line and squeeze enough to make a small ball. Then, pull the piping bag away so it forms a sharp tip to resemble a Jasmine bud.

8. Pipe 3 rows of Jasmine buds on the outside, 3 rows on the inside of the line stack and one row on top totaling 7 rows of jasmine buds.

9. Repeat process for top arch and bottom arch of the stacked lines.

10. In the middle of the top arch pipe 4 or 5 rows of jasmine buds overlapping the existing rows of jasmine to resemble a bridge.

Piping the Rose Petal Garlands

1. Using Delphinium blue buttercream and Wilton tip #10, fill the gap between the top and bottom arch with 3, 2 and 1 rows of lines to make a smaller stack.

2. Fitted with Wilton tip #97, fill one side of a piping bag with Christmas red and the balance with peach buttercream.

3. Start piping from the bottom row. Hold the bag at 45°angle and squeeze the piping bag. Move the tip in an upward and downward motion in the shape of a reverse S. This is one petal. Pipe individual petals along the bottom line to form a row of petals.

4. Pipe another 2 rows of individual petals on top of each row and on both sides of the piped lines leaving just one

exposed line on top. Pipe jasmine buds on top of the exposed line.

5. Pipe rose petals on both sides of the garland and complete with jasmine buds on top.

6. Fitted with Wilton star tip #18, fill a piping bag with Kelly green buttercream.

7. Holding the bag straight up and tip slightly above the surface, squeeze the bag to form a star. Stop squeezing before pulling tip away.

8. Pipe 2 rows of stars beside the one row of jasmine on top of the rose petals.

9. Pipe 3 rows of stars on either side of the rose petals across the jasmine to resemble a bridge.

For the FULL tutorial of the roses and peonies, grab a copy of our buttercream issue!!


Deepa Shiva

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