Halloween Dessert Table

Pretty in Pink Halloween Dessert Table

Pretty in Pink Halloween Dessert Table

By Kate Palmer-Irani

The Table Setup

Adding soft colors to the classic black-and-white look of Halloween makes this setup very versatile. We have used a range of pinks and purples here, but adding any pastel tones would work.

I added subtle hints of autumn with the pumpkin-style cake stand and a range of mesh treat stands for that modern look.

I’m a big fan of DIY, and creating Halloween decorations is no different. We teamed up with a balloon company to create this overall dessert table design, but how cool are these white paintable pumpkins and little plastic spiders? Both are available on Amazon. There’s a great range of spray paints available these days—just search “colored spray paint” on Google. I finished the pumpkins by painting the tops in gold Rust-Oleum paint to bring a little shimmer to the look.

Most sprinkle companies now carry a great range of themed sprinkles up to three months ahead of the season. I’ve seen some cute little ghosts and bats available in August, but you can just mix and match colors like we did. The Halloween stamps and toppers finish of the styling perfectly.

The Cake

The striped candy-colored cake was inspired by Beetlejuice, but it was made more appealing with buttercream in baby pink and lavender by Colour Mill. The striped buttercream effect was created by using a Finch Bakery scraper and a cake spinning plate. The cake is made of black cocoa sponge cake filled with salted caramel sauce between the layers. To finish the cake, piped buttercream swirls with a 2-D piping tip are added along with sprinkles, plaster spiders, and one of the small plastic pumpkins.

The Treats

The chocolate cakesicle pops were made with mashed sponge cake and buttercream and covered in candy melts in a range of pastel colors. The small Halloween shapes and the cakesicle decorations were made with crushed Oreos and candy melts. There’s a great range of Halloween silicone chocolate molds on eBay.

The ghost meringues are made with a round piping tip and the faces are painted on with black Colour Mill gel.

The strawberry shortcake cupcakes are vanilla and use the same buttercream, swirled with a 2-D piping tip.


Framework and Stands: BrambleSky instagram.com/bramblesky2014
Cake and Treats: The Cake Spa instagram.com/thecakespa
Balloons: The Handcrafted Party instagram.com/thehandcraftedparty
Acrylic Toppers: Lumi Laser instagram.com/lumi_laser
Cookie Stamps: LissieLou instagram.com/lissieloulondon
Sprinkles: The Shire Bakery instagram.com/shirebakery

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