Styling Chocolate Cakes for Christmas

Styling Chocolate Cakes for Christmas 

By Kate Palmer-Irani

Milk chocolate or white chocolate, which one do you like better? 

We decided to create both a milk chocolate, hazelnut, and caramel cake and a white chocolate and ginger cake to stage. The subtle added ingredients of hazelnut and ginger give these cakes a winter twist.  

The supermarkets are currently full of seasonal goodies of nuts, berries, and dried fruit at this time of year. So, to create both of these looks, we used the same produce of figs, redcurrants, blueberries, and blackberries, adding in a few twigs of Christmas fir and spruce. Candles and twinkly lights are my immediate go-to accessories for winter setups.  

For the milk chocolate cake, I used a dark painted paneled backboard to give a touch of grandeur and used a dark wooden top to create a moodier winter feel to the images.  

Then, I switched the look for the white chocolate cake using a fresh white wall and a white wooden top to change the feel of the images to be more Nordic. 

Which one is your favorite?  


Cake: The Cake Spa, 

Cake stands: BrambleSky, 

Christmas greenery: Flower Design of Lichfield, 

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