Chocolate Innovations

Do you know about the Invasion of the Plants? 11 Chefs, 11 Plants, 11 Recipes.

Cacao Barry issued a challenge to a group of top pastry chefs:

“Plants are creative, full of colours, and have amazing shapes. They are invading us. Why don’t we take advantage of this? Why don’t we work with them?

The challenge is to create something different, something amazing, something transgressor. But also, something pure, clear and real. By pairing chocolates with vegetables we aim to unlock the sensorial richness of cocoa to sparkle your creativity.”

The result is pretty inspiring if you ask us: Beetroot, wasabi, pepper and parsnip all take a dance away from savory and toward something sweet.

You can check out the stories behind each chef’s vegetable choice, as well as recipes in PDF form here.

Do you use an unexpectedly savory ingredient in baking? Why does it work so well?

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