Easter Egg Makeover by Jörg Amsler

We love Easter eggs any way they come, but, most of all, we like to customize them with our sugarcraft skills. Internationally renowned pastry chef and Food Network star Jörg Amsler of Truly Jorg’s Patisserie has wowed #TeamACD with his versatility, and when asked to show us how he would customize out a store-bought Easter egg, Jörg accepted the challenge—and as you may have seen on Food Network, Jörg excels at sweet challenges!

“Growing up on farms, I was always a huge animal lover. So, naturally, I am drawn to cute spring bunnies and ducks, and when I looked at my store-bought plain eggs, I saw body parts! You can create so much with ball and oval shapes, so eggs are really quite simple to work with. I had two chocolate eggs, one small and one large for the body and head. For all the other parts, I simply spread out melted chocolate, and with hand-drawn templates for ears, feet, beak, and wings, I cut templates and traced them on chocolate with a scalpel. To attach pieces to the head and bodies, I warmed chocolate to paint and join. The brush marks create a fur-texture surface too. To add another layer of detail, simple white chocolate piping can highlight features such as eyes. Together, they make a cute pair.”

To see where Jörg is teaching and demonstrating, follow @jorgamsler on Instagram or on Facebook.

Image 1: Start by sealing easter eggs with a little melted chocolate along the seams.

Image 2: Draw templates for the beak, ears, wings, and feet.

Image 3: Trace the templates on melted spread chocolate.

Image 4: Lay pieces next to the corresponding egg, ready to attach.

Image 5: Attach pieces with brushed melted chocolate.

Image 6: Brush entire pieces with chocolate to create a fur effect and strengthen joins. You are then free to add white chocolate highlights just as Jörg has here.


Easter Egg Makeover - JorgAmsler

Jörg Amsler, Contributor

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