Aged Fondant Tutorials

Tutorial: Aged Fondant

With the rise in interest in the ‘aged,’ look, this simple technique-based tutorial from Sumaiya Omar demonstrates how to create an aged-effect fondant that will give your edible creations a beautiful patina.



Ivory and lemon yellow gel 

Various molds (I used a selection of ocean-themed molds)  

Wafer paper 

Lace stencil

Metallic powder 

Vodka / extract

Shimmer powder 

Edible glitter 

Edible pearls 


Step 1 – Color fondant with equal quantities of ivory and lemon yellow gel to achieve a cream/off-white color, use the fondant to cover your cake. 

Step 2 – Select various decorative molds to emboss the fondant.  

Step 3 – Tear pieces of wafer paper into various shapes and sizes. 

Step 4a – Emboss the fondant with the various molds you selected. This step can be done when the fondant is still soft or when the fondant has hardened a bit. It all depends on the overall look one is looking to achieve. A more aged look will require the fondant to harden a bit in order to encourage more cracks while pressing the molds into the fondant. 

Step 4b – Adhere the pieces of torn wafer paper over the embossed fondant. 

Step 5 – Attach a stencil to the cake. Mix metallic color with vodka/extract and piping gel to create a paste. Apply the paste in random areas over the stencil.  The overall look should resemble aged wallpaper starting to peel off a wall.


Step 7 – Choose a mold which will be showcased as a focal point. I have chosen a coral mold as my cake was inspired by the ocean. Prepare the mold by rubbing a little shortening within the cavity and indentations. 

Step 8 – Use the same color fondant (cream) to create coral pieces and adhere them to the aged canvas as shown.


Step 9 – Mix shimmer powder with edible glitter and a little vodka/extract and brush onto the coral. 

Step 9 – Add various shades and sizes of pearls to complete the overall look. 

Step 10 – Even amidst the texture, the overall look should maintain balance and a focal point. It’s always a good idea when working with a lot of texture to keep color palettes muted.


Sumaiya Omar

Life’s travels have taken me from one side of the globe to the other. Having studied Hospitality Management in Dubai, I was fortunate enough to gain knowledge, experience and exposure in hotels such as the 7 star hotel: The Burj Al Arab, as well as The Jumeirah Beach Hotel, and The Emirates Towers. 

After my adventures in the UAE, it was off to the United States of America, and whilst studying Visual Arts, I was privileged to be appointed Head Chef and Co-ordinator for dinner parties for the Consul General of South Africa to the USA. 

A new chapter began during my stay in São Paulo, Brazil. I was afforded the opportunity to explore and hone my flair for baking. At the beginning of 2012, I took my passion one step further, and started my very own Cake Art Business. 

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