SepOct Issue – Tutorial: Incredible Isomalt

This month American Cake Decorating magazine went Circus crazy with our special Cirque du Soleil inspired Showcase. Blown and Pulled sugar artist, and showcase contributor, Mayte Rodriguez Gigante of Isomalt by Mayte Rodriguez created a stunning sugar display using her signature brand of isomalt. She shares her wonderful tutorial for recreating elements of her Showcase Piece.

Mayte tute 1

Place two silicone bands on top of a non stick silicone mat. Secure the ends to create the shape shown.

Mayte Tute 2

Prepare the isomalt as directed and stain the isomalt a rich golden color. Carefully pour the isomalt into the prepared silicone bands until level.

Mayte Tute 3

When the isomalt has settled, leave it to cool until almost cold, the isomalt should still have some flexibility.

Mayte Tute 8

Remove the silicone bands and gently manipulate the isomalt into the desired shape. You need to do this before the isomalt cools completely.

Mayte Tute 4

To create the sphere, take a ball of isomalt and hollow it out to create a hole.

Mayte Tute 5

Add a small amount of isomalt to the end of the canula and place it inside the hole at the edge.

Mayte Tute 6

Close the hole around the canula, ensuring there are no gaps for air to escape.

Mayte Tute 7

Carefully inflate the isomalt ball by gently adding air, make sure to turn the ball in your hand and shape it as you go. You can slowly cool the isomalt using a desktop fan.


When the sphere is complete, allow it to fully cool.

Mayte Tute 9

To create the isomalt disks, prepare isomalt as directed. Pour small amounts onto a non stick silicone mat and allow to slowly spread.

Mayte Tute 9

Cast the isomalt over the silicone mat until you have the number of desired circles you require and allow to cool.

Mayte Tute 10

To adhere the disks, soften the isomalt slightly with a heat torch and then hold in place until it cools. Work carefully to ensure the isomalt retains its shape.

About the Author

Mayte Rodriguez Gigante

Mayte Rodriguez Gigante

Mayte Rodriguez Gigante is owner of Isomalt by Mayte Rodriguez. A talented blown and pulled sugar artist, Mayte creates stunning sugar sculptures and teaches her incredible techniques to students throughout Spain. For more fabulous tutorials Subscribe to American Cake Decorating magazine.




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