Showcase Inspiration: Mayer Rosales

Mayer Rosales, of Mayer’s Cakes, gave us a little more insight into her cake featured in the March/April 2016 issue Showcase.

“From the very first moment that Rebekah [Wilbur] told me about this collaboration I immediately thought about Leyre Valiente and her great variety of designs. I personally know her and that makes me admire her both as an artist and as a businesswoman, which makes my piece full of inspiration from Valiente. I couldn’t make up my mind between two of her collections: ‘Nostromo’ and ‘Chimaera.’ In the end I chose a dress from ‘Chimaera’ and a jewelry piece from ‘Nostromo.’ It was a big challenge for me to take on this piece. On the one hand I usually don’t do these kind of big pieces, and on the other I wanted everyone to like it, but especially the amazing designer that inspired me.”

Mayer Rosales_Avant Garde Cake_HPS_5384

More About Mayer
Mayer was born in the caribbean country of Venezuela and was raised surrounded by nature thanks to her father, who runs an agriculture business. When she finished her BA in Advertising she moved to SpMayer Rosales_HPS_5384ain where she met her husband, and together they started a family. To celebrate her daughter’s first birthday she decided to make a fondant-decorated cake of her own design. She was immediatley hooked on baking and decorating and after many courses and many cakes she set up a small baking business “Mayer’s Cakes” where she has spent the last three years educating herself, baking for clients and growing as a baker, always with lots of passion and dedication but focusing it as a hobby more than a livelihood.


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