Perfectly Smooth Buttercream Recipe

Perfectly Smooth Buttercream Recipe

At the end of June, an innocuous picture of a batch of ultra-smooth and silky buttercream posted by Wayne Steinkopf sent the online cake community into a bit of a tizzy! We simply marveled at his super smooth buttercream prowess. Being the generous soul that he is, Wayne was happy to share the recipe with his followers and we are now happy to share that recipe with you!  


4lb ultra-fine powdered sugar (sifted)

1 1/2 lb CK Products LLC Soy-based high ratio shortening

1/2 lb butter

1/2 cup of original or plain powdered coffee creamer mixed with 1/2 cup of hot water

2 tbs Butter flavor

2 tbs Vanilla Extract

1 tsp Almond Flavor

1/8th tsp salt


Wayne notes: The secret to smooth buttercream that is not filled with air bubbles is to fill the bowl of the stand mixer enough to cover the paddle attachment. This allows the butter and sugar to cream without introducing too much air to the bowl.

Place the butter and shortening into the bowl and mix at low speed with the paddle attachment until lightly creamed. Add the sugar a cup at a time and incorporate after each addition. Add the remaining ingredients and mix at a number 2 speed for 10 full minutes until ultra-smooth and creamy.

Wayne notes: In order to cover the paddle, you need to make two batches of the buttercream- unless the paddle is submerged, you will not achieve the smooth results in the picture. This step is crucial to achieving the desired results.

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