OSSAS: Competition Rules for 2018

OSSAS: Competition Rules for 2018

The Queen of Cake, Kerry Vincent, shares some important competition rules for the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (OSSAS). Don’t miss this year’s exciting silver anniversary event!


by Kerry Vincent


Join me for updates regarding the coming programs at the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show (OSSAS). Exceptional divisions displaying celebration and special occasion cakes, memorable techniques, and creative innovation are seen threaded throughout the exhibit. Be inspired; celebrate the cake, compete, share, be educated.

Before commencing any cake for any competition, understand that rules vary considerably from one show to another and the judge’s criteria will also be impacted. I am very clear with my judging panels regarding the OSSAS categories: I tell them to leave everything they already know at the door, that the only rules that apply in Oklahoma are mine! Never assume they are all the same.

Competitors are not required to compete in the Grand National Wedding Cake Competition if they don’t want to or do not qualify; the wedding cake competition is only open to contestants at semi-professional level and above.

As indicated in the rules, there are two distinct shows under the one umbrella – read both sets for additional information. It is not permitted to attempt, for example, to enter beginners or adult advanced in the OSSAS and also want to compete in the Grand National.

1. Read the rules do not skim!

2. Read the rules again thoroughly!

3. No commercial flowers may be used on any competition piece — automatic points deduction.

4. No non-edible jewelry — automatic points deduction.

5. No cake parts or cakes from PREVIOUS wedding cake competition may be reentered in the companion event the following year.

6. Competitors who have either won or placed (GRAND, FIRST, SECOND OR THIRD) in the Wedding Cake Competition will automatically be considered MASTER level decorators.

7. WEDDING COMPETITION exhibits may not have been in competition before or have been seen at any convention — the work must be new and fresh and I hope will express new techniques and invention. If a cake is discovered to be a redo or decorative elements used from a previous competition showpiece that entry will be disqualified. If contestants have an issue with reconstructed entry it is too late to report the matter once the show is over. The show director needs to be told of the issue immediately and the complainant needs to be very sure of their ground. Do not accuse unless you can prove.

8. Responsibility: Contestants must double check that all ingredients used to decorate the cakes are acceptable under the USA FDA food and health requirements. No powdered plastic or glass products can ever be used on the cake surface or decorations on a cake. Please bring documentation or contact the Show Director ahead of time to check if there is a question about any product application. Check the ingredient list on the containers.

9. Visitors, brides, sugar artists/cake decorators, food service professionals and the general public are welcome to attend the daily Fair. General admission is all that is necessary to participate at the sugar art show. The demonstration seating is free and is first come first served.

10. If you enter the show and for whatever reason, end up not producing a competition piece or are late and miss the setup deadline in whatever division or category that you have anticipated entering, you will automatically be disqualified from participating and no ribbon or prize will be awarded.

11. Do not use a glue gun on the cake under any circumstances, it is toxic and it is NOT edible.

12. Ornaments and metal fittings covered with icing must not be used and will not accrue points.

13. Cake boards must be iced or decorated and edged with accenting or contrasting tape or ribbon. No exposed florist foil, please!

14. Please check to see that cakes are level and stacked evenly as you layer them; use a spirit level and stand back to view to be accurate, I have seen quite a few entries off-center and professional photographs clearly show the discrepancy. Check your professional picture if you had one taken.

15. Photographic sitting will be simple and clean, just the cake, please leave your table decorations on the competition table.

16. This year the baked competition (Silver Anniversary Cake!) will require decoration as well as baking skill.

17. Entry fees are not transferable for any reason or refundable.

18. Bird feathers of any kind ARE BANNED!

19. Disco Dust may only be used on removable decorative items.


For inspiration, take a look at this incredible video from the 2016 show!



Kerry Vincent

For more information about the Oklahoma State Sugar Arts Show (OSSAS), visit: http://www.oklahomasugarartists.com/


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