ACD+ Jacob Marley knocker tutorial

ACD+ Jacob Marley knocker tutorial

Award-winning international artist, Berna Garcia of Illusiona cakes shares a sweet and simple tutorial for her winter showcase Jacob Marley door knocker.

Jacob Marley Door Knocker Tutorial 


  • Renshaw Fondant (White)
  • White modeling chocolate
  • Dresden tool

Our character modeled and embedded in the door is Jacob Marley of A Christmas Carol Marley’s Ghost. A Great Scene full of mystery. It was previously modeled with plastic chocolate alike as all other decorative pieces keys, books, and links.

  1. To make the handle of the door, form modeling chocolate into two ropes with the ends more tapered.
  2. Form the larger rope into the shape of a “U”,  and the small rope placed in the center (at the widest part) as shown. Using modeling chocolate, create a thin rope and place at either side of the knocker piece you added earlier.

Berna Notes: This knocker will be placed inside Jacob’s mouth. To glue, use a little water with a brush.

3) To create the chain links, use a small circle cutter or the large end of a piping tip to cut out several shapes. Hollow out the circles using a drinking straw. Join them together by cutting one edge and attaching with a little water.

4) Using a key mold, push a little modeling chocolate into the cavities to create some decorative pieces. Allow the shapes to set. 


5) To color the pieces, mix little edible luster dust with some ever clear to create a paint. I have used RainbowDust brand metal powder to color the decorative pieces.

6) Add depth to the pieces by applying a little black edible powder color into the cracks. This will also make the pieces appear aged. 

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