Jump Into January

Our mild winter is officially over. As the mercury drops around the country, the time has come to grin and bear it. So why not take a cue from this merry family of snowmen and embrace winter’s coldest month?

Jamie Moon of Love Blossoms Cakery sent us this delightful snowman cake. She says, “I wanted to do a winter cake. So I looked at Christmas cards every time I went to the store.  One greeting card caught my eye. It was four snowmen on top of each other with a balancing chair and the final snowman. I thought that was a brilliant idea for a structured cake!”

Jamie Moon_Full Snowman Cake_Slice_2016_HPS_5219

“I also was eager to use a sphere tutorial posted by Kevin Martin using chocolate and silicone bowls. So I began work on the towering snow family changing outfits and making it more a family than random snowmen. Adding in cakes to what we all enjoy! The cake is made with Flex tubing and rod.”

If this gets you in a wintry state of mind, check out our flurry of snowman posts on the blog. Why not let it snow, let it snow, let it snow?

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