Five Instagram Trends to Look out For in 2019!

Five Instagram Trends to Look out For in 2019!

Our September issue includes an INCREDIBLE Color Trend Forecast Report for 2019 sponsored by Roxy and Rich colorants. During our extensive research for the report, we can across some HOT new and emerging trends for 2019 that we think should be on every cake artists trend-radar!

Balloon Cascades

These gorgeous color-coordinated balloon displays are the hottest thing in party-planning and cropping up everywhere from baby-showers to wedding ballrooms. Unlike balloon displays of the past, these elongated and winding balloon ropes retain a high-end and glamorous appeal. Grouping together balloons of different sizes and within the same color family to frame elegant dessert tables. We are seeing them everywhere on Instagram. These balloon displays will continue to trend into 2019 and beyond, but, we also anticipate seeing the influence of these balloon cascades in cake design too!

Glamorous Dessert Pedestals

Long dessert tables are out and dessert pedestals are in! These sleek cylindrical and square pedestal tables can be assembled in all manner of configurations and come in a variety of colors. We’re seeing them grouped together in elegant dessert displays, with super shiny gold pedestals being the trend to watch!

Flamingo-themed parties

Unicorns are a thing of the past because Flamingos are the motif of the year. Elegant pink flamingo-themed cakes and treats with bright bold colors and tropical foliage are popping up all over Pinterest and Instagram. Don’t miss out on this hot trend!

Sea Blue

Although this color wasn’t out pegged color-of-the-year prediction for 2019 – it is definitely a super-hot and trending color for 2018 and 2019. This muted bluish-gray is soft and smoky, delicate and feminine and perfect for ANY season. We’ve seen thousands of invitation designs, dress accents and color-swatches for this color emerging and we are seriously in LOVE!

Velvet and Tassel’s

We can’t get enough of the gorgeous velvet textures and romantic tassel’s that are gracing not only wedding fashion but also wedding decor. Beautiful velvet suits, gowns, sashes and bows are filling our Instagram feeds along with tassel invitations, earrings, necklaces, and more.


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