Instagram Cake Trends 2022

What Are the Top Cake Trends of 2022? Let’s Ask Instagram!

What Are the Top Cake Trends of 2022? Let’s Ask Instagram!

Lambeth Buttercream Cake Trend

By Kala Boulard

One of the great aspects of social media is spotting trends faster than ever before. If you like to be ahead of the curve when it comes to cake, check out some of the sweetest trends we’ve spotted on Instagram for 2022.

Bento Cakes, a.k.a. Lunch Box Cakes

Lunch box cakes are miniature versions of larger decorated cakes, but the difference is these cakes are packaged in cute little to-go containers. The cakes are usually designed in a minimalist fashion but are bright and fun in color. This trend has been hot in the home-baking community because offering this size is perfect for many different occasions.

Follow: Studio Sweetly

Studio Sweetly Bento Box Cakes

Arch Cakes

In recent months, the arch cake trend has taken the cake community by storm. These cakes have layers of cake with buttercream filling as any standard stacked cake would, but these cakes are very different in shape and presentation. This cake shape stands vertical on a narrow rectangle-shaped base and is topped by half of a round cake to give it its perfect arch shape. Many creators have created their spin on this trend, and we can predict that this cake shape in its elegant minimalist design will be here to stay as these aesthetics are becoming more popular.

Follow: Copper Fork Cakes

Copper Fork Cakes

Square Cakes, a.k.a. Wall Cakes

Like arch cakes, these square cakes stand tall and rectangular, but instead of adding the arch on top, they are squared off in every corner with very sharp buttercream edges. These cake shapes cater to the modern eye and offer a fresh take on traditional cake shapes. Refreshing cake shapes is one of the best ways to start a cake trend. Jumping on a trend like this will push you out of your comfort zone while still staying true to your personal style with decor options.

Follow: Sincerely, Sam Cakes

Sincerely Sam Cakes

Dried Floral Bouquets

Dried floral bouquets on cakes have risen into the spotlight in recent years, picking up momentum and captivating bridal Pinterest boards all over the world. It’s a welcome relief from traditional fresh florals, especially for trendy boho brides. This trend commonly showcases calming muted tones, organic buttercream textures, and an overall simplistic feel.

Follow: Annie Elizabeth Cake Design

Annie Elizabeth Cake Design

Lambeth Cakes

Although muted minimalist cake designs are popular right now, so are very bright, over-the-top, maximalist-style cake designs called Lambeth. The technique of over-piping, meaning two or more layers of buttercream intricately piped on top of each other, has been around for centuries. This technique was popularized in the 1930s by Joseph Lambeth’s book, Lambeth Method of Cake Decoration and Practical Pastries. History is brought back to life by current creators, making some trends like this genuinely timeless.

Follow: Hansel&Gretel Cakes

Hansel & Gretal Cakes

Kala Boulard

Kala Boulard is a cake designer and recipe developer who adapted her love for art into cake creations. She has always considered herself an artist before a baker. Painting local murals and holiday windows allowed her an artistic outlet before discovering cakes. Kala creates all her cake art with different variations of buttercream and uses a palette knife to paint with buttercream as if it were oil or acrylic paints. She built a thriving homebaking business, which specializes in wedding and bridal cakes. She also runs a dessert blog, where she shares delicious seasonal dessert recipes and photography. Kala resides in rural Nevada with her husband and their daughter. Some of her favorite things include drawing digital art, photographing her sweet treats, and being a mom. 

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