Collaboration Feature: The Art of Illusion

Cake designer Jarid Altmark of Jarid’s Awesome Cake’s brings us this eye-popping and mind-boggling, optical illusion, inspired collaboration. This team of international cake designers pushed the artistic envelope to create incredible – edible- works of art. We share some of our favorite pieces from the collaboration, and don’t forget to check out the rest of this incredible collection over on the collaboration page. 

Photo Aug 12, 8 28 06 PM Photo Aug 12, 8 28 08 PM

Amanda Wojak Macer of Baked 4 U cakes created this deceptive, air-brushed, optical illusion. Using perspective to trick the eye, Amanda has used a variety of shading techniques and strong lines to give the illusion of depth. The two dimensional image literally looks like it is popping out at you.


Daniel Casero Perez of Las Tartas del Cachorro has created this sensational sculpted bust cake. On the left side, the face is in portrait and on the right has been painted to give an illusion that the face is in silhouette.


Jenny Kennedy of Jenny’s Haute Cakes stuns with this captivating portrait of Vincent van Gogh. The figurine is actually a sculpted cake set against a painted backdrop. Jennifer has used various painting techniques to give this 3 dimensional cake a 2 dimensional appearance. What an incredible illusion!

Nisha Main Pix

Nisha Fernando of Sweet Delights Cakery explores optical illusions through this gorgeous tiered creation. The elegant, black and white cake, which features several mind-boggling patterns is both stunning and visually interesting.

Mouse_with_a_lions_heart1MAINlighter Mouse_with_a_lions_heart2lighter

This magical illusion by Nathasja Flapper of Flappergasted Cakes features a little mouse, hidden in the mane of this impressive, sculpted lion. When viewed one way, the cake appears to be a lion, but flipped upside down, we see the mouse!

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