Masters of Disguise: Food Cakes

Here at ACD, we can recognize an emerging trend when we see one, and whilst cakes that “look” like food have been around for a long time, the incredible realism with which they are now made is startling. There have been a few instances in recent months when our team has been presented with the picture of a food cake and we just can not tell that it’s not the food it is masquerading as. One such cake was created by sugar-artist Jennifer Spruce of the aptly named How to cake that. 

Jennifer created a cake so convincingly realistic, it made us do a few double takes and it took the cake community by storm. Her ‘Caesar salad’ bowl cake is brilliant. who wouldn’t want to recreate this to fool an unsuspecting dinner guest!!

Caesar Salad Cake by Jennifer Spruce

Caesar Salad Cake by Jennifer Spruce

From that incredible, lifelike, lettuce to the croutons and even the realistic shavings of Parmesan cheese- this cake is sure to amaze your guests.

For a full tutorial of Jennifer’s mind boggling cake visit her youtube channel here.


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