ACD+ Mashed Potatoes Cake Tutorial by Toxic Sweets Shop

ACD+ Mashed Potatoes Cake Tutorial by Toxic Sweets Shop

Our November/December issue features an incredibly realistic food tutorial from award-winning cake artist, Joyce Marcellus of Toxic Sweets Shop. Joyce shares another fantastic mini-tutorial for a super realistic mashed potatoes cake. This cake is a cinch to make and would be an excellent party trick to fool unsuspecting dinner guests!


  • Round Serving Bowl
  • 8 inch round cake board (trimmed to fit inside the serving bowl)
  • 8 inch round cake (trimmed to fit inside the serving bowl)
  • white buttercream icing
  • yellow fondant
  • spatula
  • small square cutter
  • mirror glaze
  • yellow food coloring (butter)

Trim an 8 inch round cake circle to fit snugly inside your selected serving dish.


Trim two (8-inch) vanilla cakes to fit inside the bowl, make sure the cake fits snugly and fills the base of the bowl.

Make a small batch of white vanilla buttercream- you can use a Crisco based recipe or alternatively whip your butter until very white and add a touch of violet to offset any remaining yellow tones. Squash out some of the air from the buttercream to give it a creamy texture.

Place the cake inside the bowl and ice with the prepared buttercream. Cover the cake generously and smooth over top a little.

Use a spatula to smooth the top, you can flick the spatula up to create small peaks in the buttercream.

Roll out some pale yellow (butter colored) fondant to a 1/4 inch thickness. Cut two pats of butter using a small 1.5-inch square cutter. Smooth the edges of the fondant to give the edges of the butter pats a rounded appearance.

Place the “Butter” on top of the prepared mashed potatoes cake. Mix a little mirror glaze with some yellow food coloring and spoon over the butter pats to give a “melted” appearance.




Joyce Marcellus

Joyce Marcellus is owner of Toxic Sweets Shop. She is an international instructor who specializes in hyper realistic food cakes. Joyce is winner of Food Network’s Cake Wars. She also is co-founder and owner of The Cake Bar Show.

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