Tutorial: Sprinkle Pops!

Our holiday “Let It Snow” cover star, Shelby Bower, shares a sweet little tutorial for sprinkle lollipops! These festive decorations are the perfect adornment for a holiday dessert.


Sprinkles I used a Sprinkle Pop mix
Lollipop, any kind. I used a twisted green apple lollipop
Royal Icing
Piping bag and coupler
Wilton #21 tip
Bowl to put sprinkles into


1. Pipe rosettes starting halfway up the lollipop.

2. Pipe rosettes overlapping each other all the way around the top half of the lollipop.

3. Finish with a rosette on top of the lollipop and pour your sprinkle mix into a large bowl. Make
sure your icing is fresh and you work quickly so that the icing will stick to the sprinkles. Dip your lollipop into the sprinkle mixture, using your fingers to help stick the larger sprinkles
to the lollipop.

You’re done! Use as a whimsical decoration on your gingerbread masterpiece!

Shelby Bower

Shelby Bower

Owner/Cake Artistions 



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