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Strawberry Velvet Cake

Strawberry Velvet Cake

Satisfy your cravings with this delicious Strawberry Velvet Cake recipe from LorAnn Oils. This super-moist cake is loaded with fresh-strawberry flavor, and paired with a sparkling wine and strawberry compote, and a...

Lemon Drop Cake

Strawberry Lemon Drop Cake

"It’s the experimenting and testing that keeps me excited as a baker," notes Dan Langan. "Looking for new ways to creatively incorporate flavors into baking allows our craft to remain exciting, even...

Strawberry Fizz Cocktail Cake

Strawberry Fizz Cocktail Cake

To escape the frost of winter, it's sometimes nice to imagine that you're somewhere else, perhaps on a beach, gazing towards a beautiful sunset, while sipping on a cocktail made with muddled...

10 Fruity Summer Bakes

A feast for the eyes, as well as the stomach, these fruity bakes are perfect for Summer! And they have fruit in them, so they're healthy right?? *ahem* (more…)

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