10 Fruity Summer Bakes

A feast for the eyes, as well as the stomach, these fruity bakes are perfect for Summer! And they have fruit in them, so they’re healthy right?? *ahem*

I am SO obsessed with this cake! So pretty!! Almost too pretty to eat! Almost.. *grabs fork*. Blackberry and Lime from Carrie Selman at The Cake Blog

Crumbs! And that’s all that will be left once you get a taste of these gorgeous Lemon Cupcakes with fresh Blueberry Buttercream! Deliciousness from Baker by Nature.

So pretty and fresh! Stunning Buttercream and Strawberry Cake from Jen and Nelly’s.

How adorable is this sweet little cake! And it is Vegan! Summer delightfulness from Brigitte Bach.

Eat it before it melts! Drippy goodness from Cupcake Couture Montreal.

Delicate Lemon Curd Bites from Crumbs by Tanja. I’ll take an even dozen!

Now THAT’S a Cheesecake! Don’t even cut it, just give me a spoon! Fruity scrumptiousness from La Familia Café.

For all of you shiny cake fans, how beautiful is this?! A fruity fantasy from Rozman Apetit Cakeshop.

It is like a party in your mouth! Pom poms, flowers, and strawberries from Zuckerkroenchen.

Blackberry and Buttermilk! I’ll just have one slice (after another..) Heavenly Berry-ness from Maja Chocolat.


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