Scissor Kick Your Way Into 2017

There are just a few more days left in 2016, which considering how many artists we have lost this year, is the best news I’ve heard all week! Before we say goodbye to this year, and the margaritas start flowing, get your creative space organized, for an awesome New Year.

Sort Yourself Out

Confession: I’m an organizer. I get little tingles up my spine when things are tidy, and I LOVE order. Having two VERY enthusiastic little boys that seem to be agents of chaos, keeps me on my toes, and makes having a place for everything, even more crucial.

Keeping things in order is not only helpful when it comes to finding things either.  Keeping your tools, some of which can get pretty pricey, in good condition, is just good business.  Tool organizers don’t have to cost the earth either.  I use a multi-drawer file for my paintbrushes and tools.  They stay tidy, no little fingers can get to them, and they are laid out in order, saving me time when I’m looking for a particular thing.

If you like it then you should’ve put a label on it

Label your stuff. Seems obvious, but correct labeling is not only tidy, it can life-saving. Whether its expired ingredients, or even some that may contain allergens, labeling your consumables is critical. Labels let you not only see what you are using, but also to keep tabs on expiry dates, and even brands.

If you put your ingredients into easy to use tubs, but come refill time you can’t remember what brand you normally buy, it could affect your recipe, or even in some cases, have you buying a non allergy safe brand by mistake.  Get yourself a label maker, and go to town.  Just don’t label the kids. They don’t care for it apparently.

Back It Up

How many times have you read “my computer crashed and I lost EVERYTHING!!”, only to feel a cold sense of dread that you too could lose everything, since you don’t even remember to turn of your computer most nights, let alone back up your files!

Get an external drive. They are pretty cheap nowadays (certainly cheaper than trying to replace all your  lost work!), and they hold everything.  I have all our family photos, videos, and assorted documents, as well as all my work stuff, and my drive is less than 10% full. Seriously, do it now.  Its not just a matter of a computer crash, severe storms can short out power, and fry your electrical appliances, not to mention floods and fire. No one thinks it will happen to them, and then it does. Back. It. Up.

Not only will you protect your work and documents, you can clear your electronic decks for a new year, and new projects.


A year new brings new trends, not only in Cake, but also in design, and color in general. Check out Pinterest for what’s popular heading into 2017, see what’s trending, and have a think about your strategy for 2017. Think about fonts, colors, designs, and of course flavours! I have a feeling Apple will be big this year, especially since the Pantone Color of the Year is ‘Greenery’.

Have a safe, fun New Year, and come back ready to take 2017 by storm. And go easy on the Margaritas 😉


Kerrie x

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