A Royal Invitation: OSSAS

A Royal Invitation: OSSAS

Hear ye, hear ye, the Queen of Cake, Kerry Vincent, invites sugar artists throughout the realms to attend, compete and celebrate at the SILVER ANNIVERSARY of the GRAND NATIONAL WEDDING CAKE COMPETITION. This year’s theme will be “I am a Modern Classic” and the competition will be held at the annual Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show.

Last year’s Grand Prize winner Bryson Perkins NH  (below), set a high bar, so it is expected he will be fiercely challenged when his peers arrive with their lofty sugar confections spinning tales of skill and technique.

If one cake is a feast then the Grand National Wedding Cake Competition & the Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show is surely a banquet. September will be all the sweeter if you SAVE THE DATES and compete. CAKE ROYALTY and valued sugar artists will stage another amazing showcase of glittering sugar magic with a combination of inspired design.

Look to see cakes that are expertly crafted reaching majestic heights of design. Marie Antoinette said, so they say, “Let them eat cake.” Or did she? Regardless, she did enjoy a lot of cake and would have been right at home here with us.

Competitive royalty without parallel, this event is not to be missed. www.oklahomasugarartists.com

Save the date:


River Spirit Expo, Lower level

Tulsa State Fair, Tulsa, Oklahoma

September 29 and 30, 2018


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