Trying Something New: The International Food Blogger Conference

Trying Something New: The International Food Blogger Conference

By AnnMarie Mattila

In our recent January/February 2022 issue of ACD, we highlighted the comeback of cake shows. I’m so excited to attend, learn, and collaborate with my fellow cakers in person, and be sure to check out our recap here. But this year, I’m also excited to try something a little different. I’ll be attending the International Food Blogger Conference from March 17–20, 2022, in El Paso, TX, and Juárez, Mexico. Aside from the promise of being a food experience, not just a conference, here are some of the reasons I’m attending.

  1. To Learn Something New

Let’s be honest: The point of most conferences is to learn something. And no matter how long you’ve been blogging, there’s always something new and different to learn or a skill to improve upon. With topics like how to pitch sponsored content and food styling tips, this conference aims to not only improve the content you’re creating but also help you better monetize your efforts.

  1. To Network

The chance to mingle with more than 200 fellow food bloggers and content creators is almost as exciting as attending the sessions. While I love the cake community, I also like to extend my reach to the food community at large. There are so many different perspectives and ideas, and they very often can be translated into the cake world to bring newness and inspiration.

  1. To Validate the Business Model

There’s so much talk in the industry about food blogs being oversaturated and obsolete in the face of social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. And yet, people start and succeed with new food blogs all the time despite the competition. Being with like-minded individuals and exchanging ideas is just what we need to stay positive and motivated to keep pursuing this medium.

I’m so excited to go! Will you be attending? Let me know so we can connect. Email me at

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