Easy Fondant Burlap

Burlap is still hugely popular with brides, and even though this trend burst onto the scene a few years ago, I am still seeing bride’s request burlap designs on a regular basis. It horrifies me, however, when I see real burlap being used directly on a cake. Burlap, whilst beautiful, isn’t really suitable for use directly on the cake. In my experimentation to create a realistic, yet easy to make burlap, I’ve devised a quick and simple tutorial to show you how to make easy fondant-burlap, which means you’ll never have to use the real stuff again!


Large rolling pin

50/50 fondant and gum paste mix (white)

Burlap roller (wilton)

sharp knife

soft brush (for food only)

Cocoa Powder

Edible glue

Crisco (vegetable shortening) or cornstarch to prevent sticking

Roll out your fondant/Gum paste mix to roughly 4 mm thick using a large rolling pin.

Use the Wilton roller to create an impression on the fondant. Make sure you press down firmly, you want to imprint as much of the pattern as possible.

Using the imprinted pattern as a guide, trim away the excess and cut the fondant into two even strips.

Dust the “burlap” with cocoa powder and a clean brush. I purchased a make-up brush that I use just for dusting. To get an even coverage. Pat the dust on heavily first and then brush away the excess.

To “fray” the edges of the burlap, use a sharp knife and a slight dragging motion to create a rugged look. Fray both sides of the “burlap”, taking your time.

Turn over the prepared burlap and dampen the back side with a little water or edible glue before attaching to your prepared cake tier.

The burlap can be used to make sweet bows for decoration.


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