Daisy Cupcake Topper Tutorial

Award-winning sugar florist, Shaile Socher, shares a lovely tutorial for sweet summer daisies. These pretty flowers would be a wonderful addition to a floral spray, or a pretty cupcake topper as demonstrated here in her ‘Lazy Daisy Cupcake’.


  • Gumpaste of your choice
  • Petal dust colors yellow and lime green (used for this tutorial)
  • 22- gauge wire or you can make them on a toothpick
  • Daisy center mold
  • Set of daisy cutters
  • Ball tool
  • Dresden tool
  • Silk veining tool
  • Pointed tweezers
  • Celboard
  • Softening pad
  • Dimple foam
  • Sheet protector to put gum paste between
  • Paint brushes of choice
  • Egg white or gum glue
  • Crisco and cornstarch

1. Roll a small ball of green gum paste to fit into the size center you will be using. I used the medium one. Don’t let any gum paste hang over the edge. Shape the base into a cone, insert a 22-gauge hooked wire (dipped into the egg white) into the base, then pinch around to secure it to the wire.
Shaile notes: you can remove it then insert the wire or insert it while it is still in the mold.


2. Use pointed tweezers to pinch all around the edge along the seam to add texture. Add lime green petal dust on the textured area and behind the yellow in the center. Dry overnight.

3. Roll out white gum paste thinly, cutting out 2 of the same size flowers ( I used the largest cutters in the set) and 1 smallest size flower for the calyx. Place them under a plastic mat while working on them to prevent drying out.

4. Place a flower on a softening pad. Use the ball tool to lengthen and thin each petal from the center out. Be careful not to pull too hard or the petal will separate. Then, thin the edges lightly from the top to the base with the ball tool.

5. Add texture to each petal using the Silk veining tool; rolling back and forth once or twice per petal. Add a central vein down the center with the thin end of the Dresden tool starting from the center toward the edge. Lastly, pinch the tip of each petal.

6. Use a small ball tool to cup the petal just around the base where it will be attached to the daisy center. This will curve it to fit nicely. Start in the center and pull the ball tool outward just a bit, this motion will cup that area. Place it on the dimple foam to set up a little while you work on the second petal placing it on the dimple foam. Check on it to be sure it doesn’t dry before you can attach.

7. Place the small calyx piece on the softening pad and with the small end of the ball tool thin and lengthen the petals slightly from the center to the tip. Place it on the dimple foam. Now you are ready to assemble.

8. Brush egg white, or gum glue, in the center of the flowers and calyx where it will attach to the base. Thread the first flower down the wire pressing firmly so it sticks. Do the same with the second petal and be sure to place it off center. You can adjust it once attached, making it easier to see where the petals should lay. When moving them to be gentle to avoid breakage.

9. Thread the calyx on, in the same way. Brush green petal dust onto the calyx.

10. Place the flower on the dimple foam threading the wire down into it shaping the petals giving some movement. Dry the flowers completely.


Shaile Socher is the owner of Sugar Flowers by Shaile. An international sugar-artist and teacher, Shaile travels to cake shows and events, teaching her sugar flowers to students throughout the country. Shaile will be teaching and demonstrating at the upcoming America’s Cake Fair, in Orlando Florida. To learn more about her classes visit www.cakefair.com


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