Collaboration Feature: Everyone’s Story Matters

This weekend was the grand unveiling of the Everyone’s Story Matters Collaboration. Organized by cake artists Corinna Maguire and Heather McGrath, the collaboration celebrates International Literary Day.

The Everyone’s Story Matters collaboration is an impressive spectacle of sugar art, describing the collaboration Corinna Maguire notes, “After last year’s success, and swearing to never do it again, we started thinking of all of the other books that we loved. Roll on our next collab!”
This year the artists from the original collaboration were invited back to participate along with some fresh faces. “Each artist picked books for all sorts of reasons, some chose a favorite childhood story, others chose books from authors/illustrators they admired or met personally,” Corinna discusses.
The incredible designs were made from a variety of edible media including sculpted cake, chocolate, wafer paper, fondant, gum paste, isomalt, and more. The collaboration serves a dual purpose as it is being used to raise awareness and money for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS) research. ALS is a progressive, neuro-degenerate disease that affects over 5,000 people each year. Once diagnosed, life expectancy is only 2-5 years. The collaboration group hopes to make a difference by encouraging those who enjoy their sugar art to donate to the cause. All contributions, no matter how small, are appreciated.

Princess Spaghetti by Corinna Maguire of Lovin from the Oven

Fat Cat by Kay Gajra of Kaykes

Never Ending Story by Georgia Suter of Puckycakes

The Jungle Book by Natashja Flapper of Flapperghasted cakes

Where the Wild Things Are by Timbo Sullivan

To see more incredible cakes from the collaboration, be sure to visit their website. There is also the chance to win a signed story book featuring the collective artworks from the collaboration group. Those interested in learning more about the collaboration can visit any of the web addresses listed below.

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