Christmas Joy

Christmas Joy

By Ana Peck

Wrap your cake in a rustic, engraved wood look.


Light brown fondant
Brown petal dust


Rolling pin
Metal edge ruler
Dresden tool
Wax paper
Large round brush
Cosmetic sponge
Small flat brush

Make Joyous Wood Grain:

  1. Roll light brown fondant to ⅛-inch thickness.
  2. Using the metal edge ruler, cut fondant panels to cover each side of the cake and the top.
  3. For the front-facing panel, use the Dresden tool to freehand the letters, applying medium pressure. The letters don’t have to be perfect for this rustic look.
  4. Use the narrower side of the Dresden tool to create the wood grain look. Start with a center circle and expand in a radial pattern to each side of the fondant panel.
  5. After the wood grain pattern is complete, apply the fondant panel to the cake. If any wood grain definition is lost after applying to the cake, use the Dresden tool to go over the indentations as needed.
  6. The remainder of the fondant panels are created with wood grain texture technique only.
  7. Let the fondant dry before applying petal dust to the surface.
  8. Place brown petal dust on a piece of wax paper.
  9. Use a large round brush to dust the entire fondant surface.
  10. Remove any excess, undesired dust using a cosmetic sponge.
  11. Use a small flat brush to dust inside the indentation of each letter and the wood grain indentations to create depth.

Want the rest of the tutorial? Check out the November/December 2022 issue of ACD.

Ana Peck

Ana Peck is a cake artist with a background in architecture and interior design and the owner of Sweet Bites by Ana in Miramar, FL. She has been featured in various cake decorating magazines and blogs and has participated in various collaborations. Cake decorating is her passion and creative outlet. 

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