Cake Artist of the Month

Cake Artist of the Month

She’s known as “The Shoe Lady” because Iris Rezoagli is the undisputed queen of sugar shoes. Now an international teacher, Iris shares her top tips for creating fabulous edible-footwear in our ‘Cake Artist of the Month’ special feature.

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ACD: Hi Iris, thanks so much for talking with us. You’re the undisputed queen of sugar shoes, what is your favorite type of shoe to make?

Iris: The first time I saw sugar shoes was in Kerry Vincent’s book ‘Romantic wedding cakes’.
I fell in love with the sugar shoes. I like all types of shoes but especially high heels.

ACD: How to you create each design? Do you use a pre-made cutter, or do you make templates; drawing each shoe out?

Iris: Yes before I start to create a new shoe I sketch the design of the shoe by hand and I make the templates from the drawing.

ACD: What is the best medium to use when making shoes?

Iris: When I make my sugar shoes I use gumpaste, but pastillage would also work too. You want something that will dry hard. The shoe needs strength or it won’t hold its form.

ACD: Are you inspired by fashion and art?

ACD: Are you inspired by fashion and art?

Iris: Oh yes, I loves shoes inspired by the Victorian Era and times. Because I love the colors from the Victorian Era and I find the designs to be very elegant and romantic.

ACD: How do you support the tall and unusual shaped shoes that you make?

Iris: When I create tall shoes I use a lot of techniques. I use support sticks, dowels of course, these provide strength, and a lot of patience.

ACD: What is it about sugar-shoes that you love so much, why did you choose this niche?

Iris: I simply love shoes. When I started to make the shoes I found there was a lot room for creativity. When I have finished the sugar shoes I always  think ” I want to wear these shoe “

ACD: What is your favorite thing about teaching ? And what seems to be the most difficult thing for student to do.

Iris: My favorite thing about teaching is seeing students creating their own sugar shoes. I teach a lot techniques. The most difficult thing I find is teaching the students to roll the correct thickness of the gumpaste. The humidity in the environment can also be a challenge.

Iris Rezoagli

I was born in Honduras and I now reside in the USA. My artistic side comes from my grandmother, Mercedes. I started making crafts with her when I was very young. From that point on I was hooked.

My work has been featured in many notable publications including American Cake Decorating.

In 2014, I was nominated and a finalist with “American Made” Martha Stewart.

My DVD Beautiful Sugar Shoes was published in 2013.

I studied to be a Pastry Chef at the Star Career Academy Culinary School in New York.

I also have competed in many different competitions and I also judge cake shows and events.

My passion is creating sugar shoes and also teaching.

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