Kawaii Mermaid Topper Tutorial

Kawaii Mermaid Topper Tutorial

What happens when you combine two of the biggest cake trends of the year? Pastel rainbow mermaid gorgeousness! Our editor, Rebekah Wilbur, shares a cute tutorial for a Kawaii Mermaid. How cute would this topper be on a rainbow drip cake??

Kawaii Mermaid Topper

by Rebekah Wilbur


  • Satin Ice gum paste
  • Satin Ice fondant (pastel yellow, pastel green, pastel purple, baby pink, baby blue, peach, black)
  • Wooden Skewers (2)
  • Tylose
  • Small Ball Tool
  • Cutting/Knife Tool
  • Ruler
  • Small Rolling Pin
  • Brown Edible Marker
  • Pink Petal Dust
  • Small Paintbrush
  • Edible glue
  • Soft-tipped silicone brush
  • 10 Cake Board
  • Sharp Knife
  • Vegetable Shortening

Step 1: Combine a 50/50 baby blue fondant and white gum paste to make a 3-inch sized ball of fondant. Condition with a little vegetable shortening and roll until completely smooth. Shape into a teardrop shape and then bend to form the tail as shown.

Step 2: Combine a small amount of peach fondant with some white gum paste to make a flesh color, you will need enough to create the torso, arms, and head. Take a 1.5-inch ball of the mix and shape into a rounded teardrop as shown. Pinch the top to form a neck. Adhere the torso to the tail and blend the seam. Insert a cocktail stick from the bottom area of the tail through the torso to secure.

Rebekah Notes: Leave a few inches protruding from below, you can use this to help you secure the finished topper to the cake.

Step 3: Create a small bra by rolling a little of the leftover blue paste into a strip and pinching into a loose bow. Attach using a little edible glue and tuck the sides under the torso.

Step 4: Take a small ball of the flesh-toned fondant and roll into a sausage shape. Trim the end at an angle to form the hand. Cut in a small V shape for the thumb and fingers.

Step 5: Taper the wrist by rolling between the thumb and finger. Taper the elbow area using the same technique.

Step 6: Repeat to create two arms of equal size and length.

Step 7: Attach one arm behind the torso with the hand folding around the tail as shown. Secure the arm with some strong edible glue.

Step 8: Attach the second arm as shown, again cupping the tail with the hand. Secure the arm in place with some edible glue.

Rebekah notes: I use tylose powder mixed with water to a thin paste.

Step 9: To form the rainbow tail, take equal parts of each of the pastel colors and knead in some tylose powder to strengthen, roll into sausage shapes and place next to each other.

Step 10: Roll the colors into a flat rectangle, then fold the paste over on itself and repeat.

Step 11: Keep repeating the process of folding the paste over and rolling out to blend the colors into a seamless rainbow. Trim the paste to a large rectangle.

Step 12: Cut off 2-inch strips and scrunch one end together to form a fan shape. Pinch the end to secure and trim away any excess. Attach to the base of the tail to form the fin and blend into the tail using a soft-tipped silicone brush.

Step 13: Repeat the process to create three tail fins. Add a small fin to where the tail and torso meet and another find to the mid-section of the tail.

Rebekah notes: Save any off-cuts in a Ziplock bag for later use.

Step 14: To form the head, take a ball of fondant approximately the same size as the piece used for the torso and roll into a ball.

Rebekah notes: Take care to leave a seamless ball, any seams in the paste will distort the face.

Step 15: Gently taper the paste to create a chin, and gently press the fingers into the lower section of the paste to form eye sockets.

Step 16: Add a toothpick into the torso, leaving a section exposed and attach the head using some edible glue.

Step 17: To create the flowing hair, take the rainbow off-cuts you saved earlier and marble these with some more of the pastel fondant, add a little more tylose for strength.

Step 18: Take a ball of the rainbow-colored paste and roll into a tapered disk.

Step 19: Using the backside of a knife or a knife tool, add texture to the paste for the hair, make sure to do this on both sides as the hair will be twisted.

Step 20: Add a little edible glue to the top and secure to the back of the head, gently twist the hair pieces as shown and allow to cascade down.

Step 21: Repeat for the other side of the head, so that the back of the head is fully covered.

Step 22: Next, take smaller sausages of the paste, and flatten slightly, add texture, and attach to the hair to build up the hair around the face. Curl the pieces to give a natural effect.

Step 23: Create some small ribbon roses to cover any unsightly seams or joins and to add a decorative touch.

Step 24: Roll two tiny black balls of fondant for the eyes, and attach with edible glue. Press gently with a small ball tool to secure.

Step 25: Roll a tiny amount of black fondant to create eyelashes and attach to the corner of the eyes with a little edible glue.

Step 26: Add an even smaller ball of white gum paste to the corner of each eye to give that “kawaii” look.

Step 27: Brush a little pink petal dust onto the cheeks and add a small hole for the mouth. Finally, add a little brown edible marker for the eyebrows.

Step 28: Sprinkle the tail and fins with a touch of edible glitter.

Secure the topper to the cake with a little melted white chocolate.

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