Gorgeously Gothic: The best dramatic wedding cakes

Gorgeously Gothic: The best dramatic wedding cakes

October brides, especially those who wed around Halloween are often looking for something a little more, edgy, alternative, and dramatic for their big day. These gorgeously Gothic cakes offer something a little different whilst still dripping with elegance.

This incredible design by Anna Cakes is utterly mesmerizing. We’re still not sure if that’s isomalt on the front of the cake but it is seriously stunning. The pewter details really make this cake.

Probably the queen of Gothic cake design, Tamara of Sweet Lake Cakes creates stunning Victorian-esque cakes, with fabric details, and a little steampunk flair.

For the modern, romantic Goth bride, this incredible cake by Tortikannuschka features chocolate shards and elegant black ruffles.

A candelabra, deep red roses, and a skeleton bas-relief figurine- this cake has all the makings for one gorgeous Gothic cake. By Very Unique Cakes by Veronique.

This design by Foxtails Bakery is full of texture and bold design choices.

Elegant, yet with a dark side. This fairy tale, romantic design by Rosalind Miller is an instant classic.

Seriously bold and extremely daring, this cake is not for the faint of heart. This design, inspired by Alexander McQueen in the signature work of Allexandria Pellegrino of Cake Opera.

Gothic castle, check, Dragon, check- this Disney Villain inspired design by Butter-end-Cakery is to die for.

Lashings of dramatic, layered lace and bold purple and black. This cake by sweet and swanky cakes is no wallflower.

A little more understated but still packing a punch, this elegant cake with black lace appliques and dramatic red peonies by Floral Cakes by Jessica MV is perfect.

Understated elegance: We adore this simple yet stunning design by Cafeteria Dana.


Something for the bride and something for the groom, this corseted cake with top hat and roses by McGreevy Cakes is more than a little alternative, and we love it!


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