Gingerbread Man Cake Topper

Beatriz Checa German of Be Sweet Tutorials shares an adorable Gingerbread man cake topper tutorial. This cute little cake topper is perfect for your Christmas cakes, cupcakes, and gingerbread houses! Learn to create this festive figurine with an easy step-by-step tutorial.


Foam Dummy

Cocktail sticks

Fondant stiffened with CMC (Tylose powder) in the following colors:

Light Brown





Circle cutter



Roll two small 1-inch balls of fondant into tapered ropes. Press your finger just above the base to form the foot and ankle of the leg.  The foot should be bulbous.

Place a cocktail stick into through one leg and place at an angle with about 1/2 inch of the cocktail stick protruding through the base of the foot and a small amount protruding through the top.

Place a longer skewer through the second foot, again with about 1/2 inch protruding through the base. Place the exposed ends of the cocktail stick into the foam dummy to support the topper.

Extrude thin ropes of white fondant and adhere around the base of the foot as shown.

Roll a 2-inch ball of the pale brown fondant and taper into a tear-drop shape.

Dab a little edible glue onto the exposed cocktail stick and the skewer and the tops of the legs and thread the torso onto the skewer.

Roll another 2-inch ball of the pale brown fondant into a ball and flatten slightly. Using a skewer, poke two small holes for the eyes. Adhere the head to the skewer, securing to the body with some edible glue.

Roll two small 1-inch balls of the brown fondant into tapered ropes and flatten the end as shown to create the arms.

Glue the arms to the body using some edible glue. I propped up one of the arms with a candy cane that was made by twisting two thin ropes of fondant together and threading over a cocktail stick.

Extrude two thin ropes of white fondant and add to the hands as we did for the feet,

Create some decorative leaves and berries from dark green and red fondant. You can use a circle cutter to remove small segments of a flattened ball of fondant to form the holly leaf.

Attach to the neck of the gingerbread man with some edible glue.

To create the hat, roll a 1/2 inch ball of black fondant and square off the ends to form a cylinder shape. Cut a circle of black fondant using a small 1-inch circle cutter and glue the hat to the brim. Add the hat to the top of the gingerbread man’s head.

You can use this tutorial to create all manner of gingerbread characters. I created a husband, wife, child, and even a little dog!

Beatriz Checa Germán

For more cute tutorials, be sure to check out Be Sweet Tutorials Facebook page!

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