Inspired by Hasbro’s iconic game, this six-episode competition series hosted by Kristin Chenoweth premieres Sunday, November 15th at 9 pm ET/PT. We just had to catch up with ACD regular and Candy Land competitor, Deva Williamson, to find out more and wish her the best of luck on this monumental challenge.



1. Deva, this is such exciting news, did you play Candy Land as a child?
Unfortunately, games weren’t a part of my growing up, I missed out on that part of childhood. Fortunately, I was given an experience I missed out on as a child and got to play CANDY LAND in real life (happy dance!)

2. Were you invited to compete?
Yes, I received a phone call to consider competing on CANDY LAND. Even though I laugh really loud and can sometimes be talkative, coming out of my shell takes some encouragement. How often does an opportunity like this come around? Not often! My husband encouraged me in all of the reasons why I should, and filled out the application for consideration.

3. Is this your first TV cake competition?
This is my first televised competition. I have done cooking segments on live television and competed in a cake show, never have I done anything of this caliber!

4. Have you worked with your team before?
I hadn’t worked with my teammates prior to this competition.

5. What was your favorite part of filming?
There were lots of things that I really enjoyed and even more things that I will remember fondly but, my favorite part of filming was getting to know everyone, including myself.

6. What have you learned about your cake and pastry abilities, doing this show?
When I think back on my abilities while doing the show I realized the most valuable ability I have is to do my absolute best to help others do their absolute best.

7. We could all do with some magic and fun right now, when is your episode airing?
You can watch me and my team compete November 15, 9|8C on Food Network


Go behind the scenes to see how the breathtaking set of Candy Land comes to life in the special premiering Sunday, November 15th at 10:30 pm ET/PT. Host David Bromstad (HGTV’s My Lottery Dream Home) treats viewers to an exclusive peek into the making of each land and the creative process of the minds that are undertaking this monumental challenge, along with learning the history of the iconic Hasbro game that continues to be a childhood favorite.

For more confectionary magic, don’t miss expert baker Dan Langan in the exclusive web series Inspired by Candy Land where Dan creates sensational sweets and cakes that draw inspiration from the classic children’s game. The companion series available on premieres the week of November 9th with new episodes rolling out weekly.

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