Easy DIY Chocolate Transfers

Easy DIY Chocolate Transfers

“Chocolate transfers are one of those things that used to mystify me until I found a product that made making custom chocolate transfers a breeze!” notes Kassy Jimenez. “All you need is a few simple tools and few spare minutes to make easy, delicious chocolate transfers.”

Easy Chocolate Transfers

By Kassy Jimenez


Edible Printer (I got mine from Icing Images)
Blank Simi Transfer Sheets (Also from Icing Images)
Images to print or use Icing Images iDesigns
Pre Tempered Chocolate (can temper yourself or use already tempered)
Stuff to dip (Rice Krispy Treats, Strawberries, Cookies, etc)
Parchment paper or silicone mat (I am using a Dough EZ mat)

Step 1:
Find things to dip! I went into my pantry and found some stuff to dip and also make chocolate
bark. Prep your space with some parchment or silicone mat.

Step 2:
Let’s print some fun stuff! I am using iDesigns top print on my Simi Transfer sheets. iDesigns is a subscription-based-service from Icing Images ($199 for a lifetime subscription). They have all kinds of images ready-to-use and print onto the various edible mediums they sell. I found some super cute rainbows and heart designs which I printed using my edible printer onto Simi Transfer Sheets, and we are already halfway done!

Step 3:
Warm up your chocolate (white chocolate works best). To avoid burning the chocolate, heat in the microwave in small 15-30 second bursts, making sure to stir in between each burst. When you have a few bits left un-melted take it out and stir it, the residual heat will melt the remainder of the chocolate.

Step 4:
Get to dippin’! Dip your item of choice, shake off any excess chocolate and then place it on your
Simi Transfer sheet. I like to give it a gentle little press if it is something that has an uneven surface, like a rice
cereal treat. I also like to just dollop chocolate to make chocolate cupcake toppers. I love this
because you can print your cupcake flavors (remember to mirror the image) on a transfer sheet
then make cute decorations to show the flavors at an event. Another fun thing to do is make
chocolate bark. Really the possibilities are endless!

Step 5:
Once your chocolate has set, simply peel off your treat and you have a beautiful and festive

How easy was that??

Simi Transfer Sheets also do double duty because they are actually made to use with isomalt!!!

Yes, custom isomalt!!
I can not wait to see what you create with this fun technique!

Kassy Jimenez

Kassy Jimenez is an award-winning cake artist and co-founder of the Cake Bar Cake Show in Long Beach, CA. Kassy owns Cakes and Crafts by Kass in Hutto, Texas, she enjoys sharing her love of wafer-paper with others through her Youtube channel.

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