Beary Cute! Easy Cake Topper Tutorial

Beary Cute! Easy Cake Topper Tutorial

Our Lets Party issue contributor, Monique Ascanelli of The Cake Topper shares a super-cute tutorial for a bear cake topper! How fun would this be on a birthday party cake?


Dresden Tool

Ball Tool

Bone Tool

Edible Glue

Small Paintbrush

Cocktail Sticks

Brown fondant (stiffened with CMC)

Pink Fondant (stiffened with CMC)

Black Fondant

White gum paste

Step 1: Roll a 2-inch ball of brown fondant and flatten slightly. Using a small ball tool make two indentations at the midway point for the eye sockets.

Step 2: Roll the second ball of fondant, approximately 1.5 inches in diameter and taper into a teardrop shape. Attach the head and body together using a cocktail stick.

Step 3: Roll four small balls of brown fondant and taper two of the balls into a teardrop shape for the arms, and the other two should be rolled into sausage shapes for the legs as shown. Cut the sausages at the top on an angle, so that they can be attached seamlessly to the body.

Step 4:  Roll two little balls of brown fondant and two very small balls of pink fondant for the ears, flatten into disks and then attach the white fondant on top of the brown as shown.

Step 5: Using a little edible glue, attach the legs and arms to the torso as shown.

Step 6: Attach the ears to the top of the head using a  little edible glue. Roll a small ball of pink fondant for the muzzle, flatten, and then attach to the head. Use the Dresden tool to mark a line as shown. Roll two very small balls of white fondant for the eyes and attach with edible glue.

Step 7: Add two little sausages of black fondant for the eyebrows and a ball of black fondant for the nose. Add pupils to the eyes as shown

Step 8: To make the party hat, roll a small cone of grey fondant and a small ball of white gum paste and attach the hat pom-pom to the hat with a little edible-glue.

Allow the figurine to dry overnight before attaching to your cake.


Monique Ascanelli

Monique Ascanelli is the owner of The Cake Topper, a custom cake business based in Gütersloh, Germany. Monique is a talented and in-demand sugar-art teacher, she offers a variety of classes both in person and online via her website.

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