Delicious Layered Biscuit Recipe

One of the most popular summer food trends l is the layered, sable-dough tart. These gorgeous creations are filled with pastry cream and topped with fresh berries, macarons, and flowers. Alpana Sandha of Alpaca’s Bakery shares her delicious biscuit recipe, so you can re-create the delectable dessert for yourselves. 


Vanilla Biscuit Recipe 

1 cup cold unsalted butter 

2 tsp baking powder 

3 cups flour 

1 cup granulated sugar 

1 large egg 

1 tsp vanilla extract 

1 pinch of salt 




  1. Preheat the oven to 420° Fahrenheit.  
  1. Combine the flour, baking powder, and salt. Set aside.  
  1. Cut the butter into small cubes, and using a stand mixer, mix the butter until pale and fluffy.  
  1. Add the sugar to the butter mixture until fully combined. 
  1. Add the egg and vanilla extract to the butter mixture. Mix until creamed together.  
  1. Add the flour mixture from step one into the butter mixture. Mix until fully incorporated. 
  1. Roll out the cookie dough onto baking paper. Cut the shape of the number/letter you want and remove the excess dough, then transfer the number/letter onto a tray and into the oven. Bake the biscuit for about 10 minutes. Remove from the oven and let the biscuit cool completely. 
  1. Layer the biscuit with buttercream, stabilized whipped cream, or pastry cream and top with fresh berries and flowers.  

Tip: To seal the flowers and prevent any flower water contaminating the dessert, dip the flowers in melted white chocolate or candy melts to seal the stems and allow to dry before placing on the tart.

Alpana Sandha

By Alpaca’s Bakery 


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