Seasonal Cake Styling with Kate Palmer-Irani

One of the best things you can do as a cake business is selling the occasion with your cake photography and styling. This helps prospective clients buy into and trust your creative ability and fuels the desire to re-create the sweet scene at their event, even if that is a simple family tea. For Easter sales and beyond, take the time to style your cakes to set the scene and show your audience what they could enjoy when they buy from you. For there is nothing more captivating than cake!

Seasonal Cake Styling with Kate Palmer-Irani


Props, styling, and photography:

Cakes: The Cake Spa

Flowers: Flower Design Lichfield

Bunny Toppers

Kate’s Top Tips:

  1. If you are looking for a certain target market, props and styling is the way to do this. Most clients require visual stimulation when it comes to knowing what they want. I find that my props and stands only sell when they have been seen fully styled.
  2. Invest in a capsule wardrobe of stands, including 1. A stand that elevates your cake 2. A stand that you can’t see or doesn’t distract from the cake 3. A showstopper: My cake hoop and hexagon stands are currently bestsellers for creating impact 4. Support stand: Something that helps transform the cake—think cake spirals and cake separator
  3. Transform your cake images and setups by painting a 6½-foot square area of a wall white; buy a good 3¼-foot table and a selfie light (available on Amazon for about $111—amazing for dark rooms); and invest in different tablecloths/fabrics, candles, and dry flowers. A few carefully chosen props can make a big difference.
  4. Lighting, lighting, lighting! A picture is always better in a good light. Download the Lightroom app. Always think about the position of an image; full frontal has the most impact on Instagram and Facebook feeds.
  5. Showcase the achievable for the majority. Grand over-the-top cakes are amazing but are never what brides or celebration cakes are going to look like in real life, especially at the moment! The last three years have been about bringing achievable stands and styling for the average cake maker and bride. This approach is even more important now with the impact of the pandemic on wedding budgets, numbers, and trends.

Kate Palmer-Irani, Contributor

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